Who are we and why do we offer training?
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Who will benefit from our online courses?
For chefs, chefs
Owners and directors
Purchasing department managers
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What will happen at the master classes?

During the training, we will show how delicious and unusual dishes can be prepared from our products.

Show you beautiful and original presentation of dishes.

Share ideas on how to combine foods in recipes that don't really match.

Show how familiar products can be used in a completely unusual way.

Introduce global trends in Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine.

Share the fastest and cheapest recipes, and at the same time no less fashionable and original.

Show how to diversify even the most familiar dish with the help of our products, changing it beyond recognition.

And also to share experience on how to carry out studies and determine the categories and quality of products.

Master classes are conducted by well-known chefs and professionals of the HoReCa market
Никифоров Павел
Schedule of online master classes
How is online training organized?
Nearest master class
Distance learning is carried out in our webinar room.
To participate in the online master class, you need to register on the page of the next event
Go to which you can click on the button "View the nearest master class".
And further, all you need to do is go to the day of the master class by the link in the letter that will come to your email address from the Sushi World company.
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Write to us so that we can dispel all your doubts and advise in detail on online master classes and company products

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