Global tasting in your city?

We can organize a "Global Tasting" and hold this large-scale event in your city.

A whole team will arrive - our chef, event organizers, photographer, marketer.

All restaurant owners, cooks, buyers, technologists in your region will be invited.

We will bring the entire product line, equipment, gifts to each participant.

At the event we will taste all our products, prepare rolls, wok noodles, chuka salad with nut sauce, squid rings in panko breading. For all orders made on this day, we give a 10% discount.

You provide a venue and invite at least 60 chefs and owners - existing and potential Customers.

What will happen at the global tasting?

Tasting of Tamaki sauces

Tasting of sauces TAMAKI

NORI Tasting

GINGER Tasting

Tasting of Chuka salad with sesame and nut sauce

Tasting rice with vinegar / dressing

The global tasting is conducted by well-known chefs and professionals of the HoReCa market

How is the global tasting organized?
Tasting 35+ products
3 master classes

Any other questions?
Write to us so that we can dispel all your doubts and advise you in detail on the issues of online workshops and the company's products

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