STM Why do we offer training?
Нам важно
It is important for us

so that your sales managers know our products well. After all, new products appear and production technologies are updated - we want managers to know about them.

Нам важно
You are

a distributor of our Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine in the HoReCa segment, produced under the brands "ASA", "ASA Professional", "Hanasyo", "Kasho", "ShisoMai".

Нам важно
We grow and develop

we are building a new plant and plan to reach a new level of sales together with you. And we know how to do it.

STM How is the training organized?
5-10 people

Conducted by small groups via Skype


As a series of webinars 7 sessions of 60 minutes


Flexible hours on different days of the week

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