Nori seaweed "TAMAKI"
Nori seaweed "TAMAKI"
Such a high-quality product can be found in Japan only. Neither of Russian companies seem to offer products of alike quality and range. The package of the product has ziplock for easy and convenient cooking. Tamaki Nori is at best price (among its segment) for a pack.
  • Taste Dense, aromatic with a characteristic roasted seaweed flavor
  • Colour Dark green, even, without blotches.
  • Peculiarities Its structure, thickness and taste are similar to Korean seaweed, less to Chinese
  • Category Category B +. Category A is not supplied to Russia. Category B does not differ in quality, but a small number of small holes are allowed.
  • Appearance Beautiful uniform color, shiny surface of algae give the rolls an ideal look.
  • Tradition of recipe, production Traditional Japanese technology, produced on Korean equipment.
  • Compound They consist of 100% porphyry algae, without the addition of other cheaper algae.
  • Profitability Economical packaging of 100 sheets. One package is enough for 200 California rolls.
  • What tastings and competitions won Compared to any Korean nori, benefit from density and elasticity
  • The content of the valuable component They contain iodine, vitamin B12, omega-3 and fatty acids useful for life and health.
  • Naturalness 100% natural product.
  • What is better than other well-known analogues? Dense, the actual net weight of 1 package is 255-260 grams. But at the same time, they still differ in their properties from the Chinese nori Hanasyo, which weigh 300g
  • The country of manufacture Russia, Japanese technology
  • unit of measurement Package
  • Number of pieces in a package 100 sheets per pack
  • Number of packages in a box 40 packages in a box
  • Expiry date (how long) 24 months
  • Net weight 230g on the package, actually 255-260g
  • Gross weight 270g
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