Bread crumbs Panko Tamaki
Bread crumbs Panko Tamaki

This authentic Japanese breading is not even a hit anymore, but a super-hit of sales and the king of deep-frying.

Panko Tamaki Bread crumbs are larger and more airy than ordinary breadcrumbs. Shrimp from magazine covers are obtained not with Photoshop, but with the use of panko Tamaki crackers.

After deep-frying, meat, shrimp, fish or vegetables acquire a golden crust, become "fluffy" and crunch pleasantly.

The golden ratio - so you can say about the fraction of these crackers. And their golden color will speak for itself.

  • Faction Large textured crumb with a specially selected ideal fraction of 4 mm, which is why crackers do not absorb fat and do not scratch the palate. They do not absorb odors, do not absorb moisture
  • What properties does a dish give They do not absorb oil, which makes the dish less greasy, more fluffy and crispy
  • Why is the product better than other well-known analogues? The technology does not use crusts at all. Crackers are evenly roasted, acquire a golden color when roasted (in 30 seconds, subject to 180 C roasting)
  • The composition of the product The composition includes: wheat flour, yeast, sugar, salt, soy flour. They are made from special wheat bread with a high protein content
  • Package The package is equipped with a convenient and practical zip-lock fastener, which keeps the product fresh for a long time
  • Exterior It allows not only to make the dish tasty, but also to give it an attractive appearance
  • Traditional recipe Traditional Japanese Panko breading
  • Special Features Special airy structure of the crumbs
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 12 months
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