Rice Tamaki
Rice Tamaki

A specially selected variety of rice, the structure and the level of stickiness is ideal for making sushi. The package contains instructions for the best cooking. From 1 package, 1 kg of ready-made sushi rice is obtained.

Perfectly combined with Tamaki rice dressing.

  • Taste The highest quality of the product, the highest grade according to GOST, a specially selected grade, ideal for making sushi and other Asian dishes. The percentage of broken grains - up to 4%, coated - up to 1%
  • Colour After cooking, the rice acquires a luster and snow-white color, an even boiled structure, becomes sticky, but retains its shape. Absorbs rice vinegar well, ideal for sushi
  • What is used for For cooking Japanese and Pan-Asian dishes (sushi, rolls, poke)
  • Traditional recipe Made on Korean equipment, coated and infected grains are practically absent
  • Pure product 96% whole grains
  • Naturalness Medium -sized rice 100%
  • Nuances of production It is made on Korean equipment. At the output - smooth grains of the same size
  • Packaging Package with zip-lock, allows you to keep the already opened product from humidity and insects
  • Gives the dish special properties It looks snow-white and structural in any sushi
  • Pure product The technology of intermediate sieving and screening is used, which reduces the percentage of kernels with red stripes (color films, fruit and seed shells are completely removed from the surface of the rice kernel)
  • Nuances of production Four-fold protection against ingress of impurities: photoseparation, stone picker, Korean trier drum (removes crushed), pectus (cleanses from other cereals). It is made using the latest technology of High Briliance fine grinding of rice, which allows
  • Packaging Universal packaging - a bag. Withstands significant overloads. You can be sure that he will not break through
  • Special Features It absorbs rice vinegar well. Ideal for making sushi and other Asian dishes
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Expiration date 12 months
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