Rice vinegar Marukai Vinegar
Rice vinegar Marukai Vinegar

Marukai Premium Vinegar Seasoning is produced at our factory according to the traditional Japanese recipe.

Sweet and sour taste. Marukai helps to reveal the taste of any dishes: rice, vegetables, seafood, poultry, beef - all this comes to life with soft and delicious rice vinegar.

It is prepared according to the traditional fermentation method.

  • Taste Ыweet and sour
  • Color Light yellow, transparent
  • What it is used For is used for filling rice and making sushi. It is used in sauces and soups. It is also great for replacing vinegar in recipes for marinades and sauces for grilling
  • Traditional recipe Made by natural fermentation according to the traditional fermentation method (without acceleration), does not contain gluten, GMOs and artificial flavors
  • Composition Water, alcohol vinegar 20%, rice vinegar 9%, sugar, salt
  • Cost-effectiveness Does not require dilution. Sugar and salt are added to rice vinegar according to the recipe of the restaurant and then this dressing is added to rice
  • What properties it gives to the dish Gives the rice a floral aroma and a delicate sourness
  • Nuances of production Vinegar is infused for 90 days in steel barrels to saturate the aroma and only then poured into cans
  • Packaging Very strong bag-in-box packaging withstands long-distance transportation
  • Special characteristics The box is designed in the colors familiar to cooks, the recipe is indistinguishable from the most expensive and famous rice vinegar. The secret recipe of Marukai Premium vinegar makes seasoned rice even more delicious
  • What tastings, contests have you won A novelty on the market
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 24 months
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