Rice vinegar Tamaki PRO
Rice vinegar Tamaki PRO
A quality product with a low price. With a pleasant aftertaste.
According to many chefs, it is ideal for dressing rice, salads and soups.
Softer than French wine vinegar.
  • Benefits of packaging The unique bottle was developed for the Tamaki range of sauces. The special SOFT TOUCH coating ensures comfortable handling of the sauce in the hand. Moderately soft bottle, from which it is convenient to squeeze the sauce. The dispenser prevents overflow
  • How he stands on the shelf by the piece
  • Taste Mild sour, typical of vinegar
  • Colour Transparent yellow
  • Category Higher, made of natural rice vinegar
  • Tradition of recipe, production It is made from rice according to the ancient Japanese technology. Aged in barrels for 3 months for saturation.
  • Contains Alcohol vinegar, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, food coloring, sugar color I simple.
  • Quality Higher
  • What properties does a dish give? Has a light floral aroma, soft taste. Used for making rice dressing, salad dressing and pickling.
  • Naturalness Natural
  • How does it differ from other well-known analogues? No acetic acid is used in the production, thanks to which the product has a mild taste
  • Peculiarities Universal sauce, suitable for baking and frying, as well as for pickling
  • The country of manufacture Russia
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