Soy sauce Tamaki PRO
Soy sauce Tamaki PRO
This year we have released a lot of new products that have already become hits.

Until now, there have been only small liters of soy sauce in our assortment, but by popular demand we have produced soy sauce in a convenient packaging - 20L and present it to your attention.

  • Taste Rich, salty soy with a caramel aftertaste. The naturalness is felt, not the experience. Without malt bitterness and metallic taste. Salty in moderation, no more and no less than necessary.
  • Colour Dark brown saturated, dense
  • What is it used for? Ideal as a salad dressing; gives a special taste to any dish (rice, noodles, seafood, soups). It is used as a marinade. It is served as an independent component to sushi and rolls. It can be used instead of salt.
  • Consistency Unlike cheap analogues, soy sauce does not precipitate, has no inclusions.
  • Category Higher. The winner of several blind tastings, which he won by a large margin from the rest
  • Traditional recipe It is made according to the Japanese technology of natural fermentation for several months.
  • Composition Ingredients: water, soy, wheat, salt, sugar.
  • Economy The sauce is economical, because it is quite saturated and concentrated. If desired, you can also dilute, thereby saving money. The sauce is so rich and deep in color that it remains dark brown even when diluted.
  • Quality Premium, soy and wheat of the highest grade are used in the composition.
  • Gives the dish special properties The recipe is designed so that the sauce reveals the taste of the dish, makes it perfect.
  • Pure product The product is rich in protein and amino acids.
  • Naturalness A completely natural product.
  • Nuances of production It is produced by natural fermentation according to Japanese technology.
  • Packaging Canister, 20 liters (with a dispenser tap). A screed (strapping tape) is used, which provides additional strength of the box during transportation and unloading.
  • What tastings, contests have you won? Most blind tastings
  • What is better than other well-known analogues? The sauce is exclusively natural, made from natural ingredients according to the Japanese technology of natural fermentation, but at the same time inexpensive.
  • Country of origin Russia
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