Sesame Sauce "Tamaki" sachets
Sesame Sauce "Tamaki" sachets

Our Tamaki Sesame Sauce is so popular that chefs requested a package of a smaller size.

Many restaurants don't use mayonnaise dressings today. Instead, they want something light and not so fatty.

This sauce will make any salad unique. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that new flavors are having a moment.

Besides, this sauce goes well with both meat and vegetarian dishes. Whatever dish you want to add the sauce to, it will make it authentic and delicious.

It is better to dress salads immediately before serving to prevent them from getting soggy. Our sachets with perfect tear-off slips make it very convenient.

  • Flavor Creamy and rich. Sweet and sour with a hint of nuts. Incredibly delicious.
  • Color Creamy
  • How can you use it? As a dressing for salads and appetizers. It goes well with seaweed salads (for example, Chuka salad), classic Japanese dishes, sushi and rolls, fish, noodles, seafood, rice.
  • Consistency Delicate and thick.
  • Appearance Our sauce is filled with appealing sesame seeds.
  • Traditionalism of the recipe Made using Japanese technology.
  • Ingredients Sesame seeds, sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, sugar, eggs, vegetable oil.
  • Quality Premium-quality product
  • It gives special properties to any dish It makes any salads, sushi, rolls, vegetable dishes, rice, seafood look more appealing, enhancing their original flavor. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Pure product High percentage of sesame content.
  • Naturality Only natural sesame seeds and sesame oil.
  • Production aspects The production does not involve (extreme) heat treatment and that is why all the health benefits of sesame seeds and sesame oil are preserved.
  • Package Convenient sachets, one sachet is just enough for dressing one serving of a salad
  • What makes it better than similar products? 98% of the chefs of the "Global Tasting" project gave the highest score.
  • Special properties It is much thicker than other similar sauces, contains more sesame seeds. Its flavor is creamy rather than mayonnaise-like. No sesame seed cake is used in production. The quality is always stable.
  • Unit of measurement A very attractive price. It is much cheaper than similar products and, at the same time, boasts better quality.
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Number of units per package 300 sachets in a box
  • Unit of measurement sachet 20 g
  • Expiration date 6 month
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