Lemongrass sauce "TAMAKI"
Lemongrass sauce "TAMAKI"

It is originally a Thai sauce that is currently gaining crazy popularity because of its unique taste which is acquired due to a rich harmony of ginger, coriander, chili, garlic, lemon juice, and, of course, lemongrass.

Lemongrass is a very trendy product. It is a tropical plant that is widely used in cosmetics and beauty industry.

Sweet and sour, with a gentle touch of spiciness and a pleasant aftertaste, it goes well with Thai-style chicken, meat, or tataki fish, deep-fried dishes (including french fries) and can be used as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and dim sum dishes.

It is perfect for decorating rolls and dressing salads and can also become an ingredient of original sauces containing chopped vegetables.

  • Taste A gentle taste of soy sauce with lemongrass flavor, sweet and sour, with a pleasant hint of spiciness, with notes vegetables, spices, and herbs and natural lemongrass flavor. No foreign taste
  • Color An amber-colored sauce bespeckled with Asian spices
  • How can you use it It goes well with all kinds of dishes: Salads, appetizers, fish, meat, and poultry. This sauce will enhance and shake up the taste of almost any dish. It is also great when used as an ingredient of Japanese dishes. It goes well with lightly seared fish a
  • Consistency/size fraction Moderately thick
  • Appearance This is a glossy sauce. The color may vary from pale yellowish brown to bright yellowish brown.
  • Traditionalism in the recipe, production Made following a classic recipe
  • Ingredients Water, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, refined deodorized sunflower oil, soy sauce concentrate, salt, modified starch, lemon juice, 20% grain vinegar, fresh peeled garlic, chili pepper paste, sodium glutamate, xanthan gum, ginger (powder), potassium sorbat
  • Cost efficiency Pretty thick and cost-efficient
  • Pure product/nutrient content Many nutrients
  • Naturalness Natural
  • Production aspects Made following a classic recipe. Produced using slow heating technology to deliver the taste and preserve useful substances.
  • Package A convenient plastic dispensing bottle prevents the sauce from overflowing. Versatile, perfect for both small restaurants, cafes, and for home cooking.
  • What makes it better than similar products? It delivers a much better eating experience.
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