Sea Buckthorn Sauce "TAMAKI"
Sea Buckthorn Sauce "TAMAKI"
Both retail chains and restaurants have witnessed an increasing trend towards berry sauces. Sea buckthorn, traditional Russian berries, has always been prized for its exceptional value for the immune system and considered a treasure trove of vitamins.
It is just tempting to use the blend of sea buckthorn and oranges for roasting chicken, turkey, duck, quail, pork and lamb ribs. It also provides for an incredibly beautiful and sunny orange color. Panna cotta will be just divine if you serve it with this sauce.
Port wine adds a tangy and sweet winy flavor and softens the meat if the sauce is used for marinating.
It is an unusual and very trendy dipping sauce for nuggets and all kinds of snacks.
С бургером
  • Taste A bright taste of sea buckthorn mixed with oranges and port wine, sweet and sour, slightly spicy, with a hint of spices and herbs.
  • Color Sunny orange
  • How can you use it? As a dressing for chicken, turkey, cauliflower, light-salted salmon salads; as a dipping sauce for shrimp, cucumber, celery, carrot snacks.
  • Consistency Nice and thick, homogeneous.
  • Grade Top grade
  • Appearance The natural color of sea buckthorn, a clear and glossy sauce. You won't find a better sauce for decorating your dishes.
  • Traditionalism in the recipe Made following a classic recipe
  • Cost efficiency Thick and cost-efficient
  • Does it impart any special properties to dishes Sea buckthorn contains much more vitamin C than citrus fruit. It is also rich in B group vitamins (B1, B2, folic acid), vitamin E (the vitamin of beauty and youth), rare vitamins K and PP, and the list of micro and macro elements contained in sea buckthor
  • Pure product The sauce contains lots of nutrients, such as sea buckthorn puree and ginger
  • Naturalness Completely natural.
  • Production aspects Produced using slow heating technology to deliver the taste and preserve useful substances.
  • Package/container A convenient plastic dispensing bottle prevents the sauce from overflowing. Versatile, perfect for both small restaurants, cafes, and for home cooking.
  • Blind tastings and competitions. Best results in most of the blind tastings
  • What makes it better than similar products? It delivers a much better eating experience than any other similar product
  • Special properties The bright taste of sea buckthorn in combination with oranges and notes of port wine creates a unique, rich and unusual bouquet profile, making even the most regular and simple dishes look and taste like expensive culinary masterpieces.
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