Portion-packed "TAMAKI" Soy Sauce
Portion-packed "TAMAKI" Soy Sauce

All restaurants have a delivery service today. At the same time, many dark kitchen projects have been launched lately.

Therefore, we are witnessing a growing demand for portion-packed products.

In delivery, portion-packed products can ruin the enjoyment of the dish if these products provided by the delivery service company are of poor quality.

In restaurants, workers spend too much time pouring sauces into small containers, there is a risk of spilling. It is important to constantly maintain supplies of containers and plastic wraps at a certain level, to store the leftovers and monitor the packaging defects.

That is why we have produced premium-quality naturally fermented soy sauce at a great price and in a neutral design,
so as to suit everyone.

  • Flavor Rich soy salty-sweet flavor. When you serve it with sushi and rolls, you get the famous umami taste.
  • Color Rich concentrated dark-brown color (undiluted).
  • How can you use it? You can serve it with Japanese and Asian dishes as an essential ingredient.
  • Consistency A rich aroma of natural soy sauce with a pleasant aftertaste.
  • Grade A traditional recipe based on 4 main ingredients: Soy, wheat, water, and salt. Nothing extra.
  • Ingredients Water, soy, wheat, salt, sugar.
  • Cost efficiency Our sauce is quite concentrated, one container is enough for a large portion of sushi and rolls.
  • It gives special properties to any dish Traditionally served with sushi.
  • Naturality Natural
  • Production aspects Completely ready. It is made from the well-known TAMAKI PRO soy sauce with the addition of tuna chips.
  • Package Hard plastic container is designed in such a way that it is convenient to dip sushi and rolls into the sauce without spilling it.
  • What makes it better than similar products? Undiluted. It enhances the original taste of any dish.
  • Special properties Branded soy sauce package is designed in neutral, soothing colors so that the product could be used in any restaurant.
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Number of units per package 150 d
  • Expiration date 6 months
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