Sauce Green Chili Tamaki
Sauce Green Chili Tamaki
Sauce Green Chili Tamaki is ideal for pickling and cooking vegetables, complements the taste of rice.

The sauce has an unforgettable taste of chili pepper with lime, lemongrass gives freshness, as part of 40% sweet and spicy green pepper, due to spices, the sauce is spicy and spicy.

The bright aroma of green chili pepper combined with popular Thai spices.

The sauce is rich in vitamin C, with a high fiber content.

Increases appetite, looks original on a plate due to color, increases the average check of the institution.
  • Taste Moderately spicy with a bright lime and lemongrass flavor
  • Colour Emerald (bright green)
  • What is used for It is ideal for meat and seafood as an independent sauce, suitable for vegetable dishes cooked in a wok, can be used as a marinade for poultry, seafood and meat, after frying the products will have an attractive gloss
  • Consistency Thick (the structure of finely chopped vegetables)
  • Appearance Suitable for decorating dishes
  • Composition Water, glucose-fructose syrup, ground green paprika, apple vinegar, refined deodorized sunflower oil, dried garlic, salt, apple puree, concentrated lemon juice, ground green chili pepper, acidity regulator acetic acid, natural dye (dye E141,
  • emulsifier E433), flavor enhancer E621, thickener xanthan gum, flavors, natural essential oil: Lime, preservative potassium sorbate, ground black pepper, ground cardamom, ground cloves, complex food additive "Polybiom" (epsilon-polyline, sodium chloride)
  • There may be traces of peanuts, mustard, sesame, shellfish, fish, soy, eggs and their processed products
  • Economy Economical. It can be diluted with soy sauce, juices, vegetable oils
  • Gives the dish special properties Gives the finished dish a bright emerald attractive appearance, suitable for sauce art
  • Pure product Sweet green pepper, applesauce
  • Nuances of production It is made by slow heating to preserve the taste, aroma, vitamins and natural properties of the original ingredients. The sauce is not brought to boiling point
  • Special Features There are no analogues on the Russian market. Pieces of chili pepper and garlic are clearly visible in the structure of the sauce. Pronounced fresh-spicy pepper flavor combined with lime, lemongrass and cloves
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Expiration date 12 months
  • Number of units per package 6pcs
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