Rice dressing Tamaki
Rice dressing Tamaki

We noticed that when preparing sushi, chefs approach the preparation of rice dressing with special care.

This is a whole art! We took one of the favorite recipes of such a dressing, conducted dozens of tastings and offer it to you.

Balanced recipe.

It is configured for saturation on Kombu algae.

It does not require any additional operations: you can immediately fill rice for sushi, rolls, boilies and poke.

  • Taste Rich sweet and sour
  • Colour Bright yellow
  • Traditional recipe Universal recipe
  • Composition Water, sugar, salt, acetic acid, grain vinegar, flavor, dyes: E102, E124, E133
  • Quality Higher
  • What properties does it give to the dish Gives rice a sweet and sour taste and a special aroma
  • Nuances of production The composition uses only natural algae extract Kombu
  • Pure product Due to the content of rice vinegar, it has antibacterial properties, fights harmful microorganisms that may be contained in raw fish. It also contains amino acids, vitamins C, D and E
  • Packaging Plastic bottle with a convenient dispenser that prevents the transfusion of the product
  • Special Features The finished dressing greatly simplifies the process of making sushi, it already contains the optimal amount of sugar and salt, as well as the extract of Kombu algae, which enhances the taste of the rice seasoned with it
  • Number of units per pack 6 pcs
  • Сountry of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 24 months
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