Pickled Daikon RadishTamaki
Pickled Daikon RadishTamaki
Daikon radish is a traditional Japanese ingredient that is usually used to make rolls and decorate dishes, or added to salads. We maintain strict control over the quality. The net weight of our radish is always at least 500 g.
  • Taste Sour and salty taste, characteristic of pickled vegetables, nice and delicate.
  • Color Bright yellow, homogeneous.
  • How can you use it? It is used for making sushi or as part of dish decoration.
  • Consistency/size fraction Dense, juicy daikon radish root.
  • Grade We use only selected calibrated (only young!) daikon radish with undamaged skin. That is why it is always juicy and shiny in section.
  • Appearance Due to its bright color, it looks nice and beautiful when added to rolls.
  • Traditionalism in the recipe Traditional Japanese recipe.
  • Ingredients Radish, water, sugar, salt, acetic acid, citric acid, apple acid.
  • Cost-efficiency One 500-gram package is enough to make 50 rolls.
  • Quality Highest quality.
  • What will you gain by using it? The daikon radish gives any dish a beautiful lemon color and an authentic sweet and salty taste with a touch of sourness.
  • Naturality 100% natural
  • Package Packaged in dense individual branded bags.
  • What makes it better than similar products? Daikon radish producers often pay no attention to the quality of their products, regarding it as just another product family article. They buy old, withered, grayish-yellow radish emanating an unpleasant smell from China. Moreover, the net weight of such
  • Country of Origin China
  • Unit of measurement Piece, 500g
  • The number of units In a package is 20
  • Shelf life Is 18 months
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