Roasted sesame seeds
Roasted sesame seeds

Unfried sesame seeds are usually offered on the market, which is inconvenient for chefs, because you have to fry it beforehand. We offer a completely finished product. Take it and use it!

100% natural. Tart, with a slight bitterness, nutty taste. The optimal packaging format is 1 kg.

  • Application Sesame is added to salads, rolls, sashimi, used for cooking meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, put in baked goods and decorate desserts. Sesame goes well with eel and is even used as a breading for seafood
  • Color Cream
  • Taste Astringent, slightly bitter, nutty
  • Consistency Evenly roasted sesame seeds
  • Traditional production Fried in a traditional way
  • Composition White sesame has a higher content of vitamins E, K and C. The protein content is about 22.20%, and the fat content is 52.61%. Rich in amino acids. Palmitic acid is required by the body for the normal production of collagen and elastin
  • Category Highest. Sesame seeds of high purity, no impurities
  • Appearance Mouth-watering appearance
  • Gives the dish special properties Sesame seeds give any dish a bright appearance and a pleasant taste. Sesame-sprinkled dishes look delicious
  • Naturalness 100% natural
  • Nuances of production Sesame seeds are grown in India, imported to Russia, carefully fried and packed in bags
  • Country of origin India/Russia
  • Number of units in a package 15
  • Expiration date 6 months
  • Net weight 1 kg
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