Wasabi Тamaki PRO
Wasabi Тamaki PRO
The seasoning obtained by drying and grinding juicy Japanese horseradish root. Тamaki PRO wasabi is our bestseller and pride. You won’t get better quality at thisprice!
  • Taste Aromatic rich, even explosive taste, but without bitterness
  • Colour Natural light green color
  • What is it used for? Wasabi is added to rolls and rice, put in first courses for pungency and aroma; on its basis sauces are prepared for fish dishes
  • Sauce consistency Thick sauce, does not spread
  • Traditional recipe Traditional Japanese recipe
  • Sauce composition Natural, 60% horseradish
  • Profitability From 2 kg it turns out 5 kg finished product
  • Price for 1 kg of pure product Very favorable price in terms of 1 kg!
  • Quality Excellent quality. The best quality for this money can not be found!
  • Package Unique sealed packaging with zip-lock
  • Why is the sauce better than other well-known analogues? No artificial horseradish flavors are used, no chemical smell. After dilution in soy sauce, starch does not form on the bottom of the gravy boat. No foreign matter
  • The country of manufacture Russia
  • unit of measurement Package
  • Shelf life 24 months
  • Net weight 2 kg
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