Masago caviar "TAMAKI"
Masago caviar "TAMAKI"
In the masago caviar market, prices are often reduced due to the poor quality of raw materials, the use of immature (too small and empty inside) or, conversely, overripe (sticking together with a soft shell) caviar, which looks bad in a dish.

Unlike such companies, we reduce prices through direct contracts with producers of raw materials. Our quality specialists carefully select only mature caviar for the production of masago "Tamaki". Through direct contracts and strict control, we offer the highest quality product at the best price.
  • Taste Delicate, moderately sweet, slightly salty taste
  • Color Is presented in 4 colors: orange, red, black and green.
  • Taste Delicate, moderately sweet, slightly salty.
  • Consistency The roe of capelin or herring is finer than the roe of flying fish, it has a more delicate texture and a more delicate taste.
  • Category Strictly free of foreign inclusions. The highest, two-stage cleaning allows you to get high quality caviar.
  • Traditional production Produced according to classic Japanese technology, manual production. In contrast to the mechanical method, the old method allows you to obtain a product with minimal disruption of the caviar grains. The caviar turns out to be beautiful, smoother, less mo
  • Ingredients Herring roe, capelin roe 90/10
  • Economy 100% caviar (not diluted).
  • Category Highest
  • Manufacturer Russia, according to Japanese technology
  • Number of units in a package 12
  • Expiration date 12 months
  • Net weight 500g
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