Tobiko caviar "TAMAKI"
Tobiko caviar "TAMAKI"
We produced tobiko caviar, the moisture content of which is less than that of other producers. The humidity of our product is 5%, while the market usually offers 11-20%. The manual production method allows careful treatment for each fish egg.
  • Application For preparing sushi (on top and inside rolls, in sauces, in gunkans). Caviar is also added to soups, used in original sandwiches and canapes. It lends a special sophistication to light summer salads.
  • Color Available in 4 colors: orange, red, black and green.
  • Taste Sweet and salty with pleasant sourness.
  • Consistency Moderately crumbly, but fits well on a roll, does not scatter or crumble during cooking
  • Category Highest
  • Traditional production Produced by the traditional method of manual punching (release from films, connective tissue, damaged grains through a special sieve).
  • Ingredients Tobiko caviar - 30%, herring caviar 70%
  • Economical Contains a minimum amount of moisture (5%), thanks to which it is consumed without waste in the form of excess moisture.
  • Category The production uses category A mature caviar.
  • Number of units in a package 12
  • Expiration date 12 months
  • Net weight 500g
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