Can be both used by an economical sushi delivery & an expensive Japanese restaurant. We use Korean raw materials for production,optimize logistics and pack by ourselves in our modern factory. Thus, we achieve stability in quality and a better price.

  • Taste Thin, aromatic with a characteristic taste of fried seaweed
  • Colour Dark green, even, without splashes
  • What is it used for Sushi base and also added to hot dishes with noodles and fried rice
  • Peculiarities Consist of algae of the Porfira variety, without admixtures of other cheaper algae.
  • Category Category B. With high quality, a small number of small holes are allowed
  • Appearance Beautiful uniform color, shiny surface of algae give the perfect look to the rolls
  • Traditional recipe Traditional Japanese technology, produced on Korean equipment
  • Compound Porphyry algae - 100%
  • Profitability Economical packaging of 100 sheets. One package is enough for 200 California rolls
  • Quality / grade Highest category
  • Compound Contains iodine, vitamin B12, omega-3 and fatty acids useful for life and health
  • Naturalness 100% natural product
  • Nuances of production Manufactured within 3 hours after collection. Maintain high quality and attractive appearance.
  • Package ZIP-LOCK is provided on the package
  • What is better than other well-known analogues? Moderately thin, but not brittle. To enhance strength - leave in air for 30 minutes to saturate with moisture.
  • Special Features Its structure, thickness and taste are similar to Korean seaweed, less to Chinese
  • The country of manufacture Russia, Japanese technology
  • Net weight 230 g
  • Gross weight 270 g
  • Unit of measurement Package
  • Number of units in a package 100 sheets per pack, 40 packs per box
  • Shelf life 24 months
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