Plum Sauce "TAMAKI"
Plum Sauce "TAMAKI"

The balanced combination of plums and spices.

This is a famous Chinese plum sauce, which is traditionally used for marinating meat, as well as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and pancakes.

Following the original recipe, we added lots of spices into our sauce, including thyme, coriander, fenugreek (shambala), cloves, and red pepper.

Rich in spices, the sauce is perfect when used for marinating, because it contains everything a good marinade needs and has a nice sweet-sour taste.

It can also be used as a dipping sauce (ready-to-serve separate sauce)
A beautiful brown color of a delicious raspberry hue.

С бургером
  • Taste Taste of salty plums, sweet-sour, slightly spicy, with the bright aroma and flavor of spices and herbs (thyme, coriander, fenugreek, red pepper, cloves)
  • Color The color may vary from pale reddish-brown to bright reddish-brown
  • How can you use it? This is a perfect sauce for Beijing duck and it also goes well with dim sum, poultry and pork dishes. You can add it to salads, appetizers. This sauce will enhance and shake up the taste of almost any dish
  • Consistency Thick, rich, and gummy
  • Grade Top grade
  • Appearance The color may vary from pale reddish-brown to bright reddish-brown. It is a glossy sauce bespeckled with spices and plum pieces
  • Traditionalism in the recipe, production Made following a classic recipe
  • Ingredients Water, sugar, plum puree concentrate, frozen plums, modified starch, salt, 20% grain vinegar, xanthan gum, sodium glutamate, citric acid, thyme, coriander powder, potassium sorbate, fenugreek, red pepper powder, clove powder, plum natural flavoring agent
  • Cost efficiency (for how long does it last? for how is it diluted? what is the volume of the finished product?) Thick and cost-efficient
  • Quality/Grade Highest quality
  • Does it impart any special properties to dishes (color, appealing look, crust)? It gives your dishes a nice crust when baked
  • Pure product/nutrient content It is a sauce with many nutrients
  • Naturalness Natural
  • Production aspects Produced using slow heating technology to deliver the taste and preserve useful substances. Made using classic technology
  • Package A convenient plastic dispensing bottle prevents the sauce from overflowing. Versatile, perfect for both small restaurants, cafes, and for home cooking
  • Blind tastings and competitions Best results in most of the blind tastings
  • What makes it better than similar products? It delivers a much better eating experience than any other similar product
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