Spicy sauce Tamaki
Spicy sauce Tamaki

Thick, but at the same time airy and delicate in consistency sauce.

Great for making rolls and sushi. It is ideal for decorating and serving dishes, especially "American style", where the main thing is to pour sauce liberally on the finished dish.

Almost every restaurant prepares Spicy Sauce on their own.

We offer a ready-made sauce for force majeure or, if there is no place to store the prepared sauce.

Ready-made Spicy sauce Tamaki is also convenient because you do not need to control the technology of sauce preparation for each cook — with our ready-made sauce it is the same.

The sauce will always be delicious, both when served separately and as part of the finished dish.

  • Taste Acute creamy
  • Colour Gently pink with a touch of chili pepper
  • Usage Great for making sushi and rolls, ideal for serving dishes before serving, suitable for making baked rolls
  • Density Airy, gentle, homogeneous
  • Exterior Appetizing appearance, ideally combined on rolls with unagi sauce when decorating
  • Сomposition Refined deodorized sunflower oil, water, sugar, dry milk-fat concentrate (concentrated milk whey, palm oil, complex food additive (emulsifier E474, stabilizer E339(i)), acidity regulator E524, antioxidant/emulsifier E322),
  • chili pepper paste, salt, concentrated apple juice, concentrated orange juice, dry fermented egg yolk, thickeners: E1422 and xanthan gum; ground red paprika, acetic acid, dried ground garlic, fish sauce (fish, salt),
  • flavor enhancers: E621, E627 and E631; apple vinegar, alcohol vinegar, flavors, preservatives: sorbic acid and potassium sorbate; acidity regulators: citric acid, lactic acid; dye E160a, ground ginger, antioxidant E385
  • May contain traces of peanuts, mustard, sesame, soy and their processed products
  • What properties does a dish give Gives the dish a bright color, as well as a moderately pungent taste and fruity acidity
  • Tradition Traditional American recipe
  • Nuances of production It is not boiled, retains its taste and useful properties
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 12 months
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