Tonkatsu "TAMAKI"
Tonkatsu "TAMAKI"
Tonkatsu sauce is one of the most famous and beloved in Japan. Saturated, bright seasoning for meat, tempura and poultry. In Japan, tonkatsu is served with a pork chop of the same name. Our sauce is not inferior in taste & quality to Japanese sauce, but much cheaper.
  • Taste Spicy sweet and sour taste, very rich due to the rich composition of spices.
  • Colour Rich brown color with a reddish tint
  • What is it used for? It is used for traditional pork baked in panko breadcrumbs, which is poured with tonkatsu sauce before serving. It is also suitable for any meat dishes (chicken schnitzel, beef, burgers, meatballs, sandwiches, ham) and grilled vegetables.
  • Japanese cuisine In Japanese cuisine, it is used as a seasoning for yakisoba noodles and a sauce for okonomiyaki, takoyaki or box.
  • Consistency Moderately thick, with hints of spices.
  • Ingredients Tonkatsu consists of vegetables and fruits. Soy sauce, tomato (paste), apples (puree), plum (puree), pineapple juice, tamarind paste, and 10 different spices in the composition (garlic, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ground red pepper, onion)
  • Appearance Appetizing appearance of a dark rich sauce
  • Cost-effectiveness Does not require breeding
  • What properties it gives to the dish It gives the dish a special spicy aroma. This sauce can not be confused with any other sauce
  • Naturalness Natural
  • Nuances of production Making the sauce takes a very long time
  • Packaging Convenient plastic bottle with a handle and a dispenser that prevents overflow
  • What is better than other well-known analogues? It is not inferior in quality to Japanese sauce, but it is much cheaper
  • Vitamin composition Thanks to the vegetable fiber contained, meat dishes seasoned with this sauce are absorbed faster, and vitamin " C " strengthens the immune system and increases the body's resistance to viral diseases.
  • Category Highest
  • The country of origin Russia
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