Bread crumbs Panko Tamaki GOLD
Bread crumbs Panko Tamaki GOLD

Gold TAMAKI breadcrumbs are traditional Panko breadcrumbs with a pronounced golden yellow color and wheat flavor.

Meat, vegetables, fish in Panko Gold breading always turn out to be an even appetizing golden-orange shade, lush and crispy.

Gold crackers are made from bread without crusts, due to which their structure is homogeneous.

Panko Gold has an ideal fraction of 4 mm. They do not absorb oil and do not form sugar crumbs.

A beautiful golden color is obtained through the use of turmeric. And, thanks to convenient packaging, they are used without residue. With them, rolls, chicken, tonkatsu and nuggets, as well as ebi tempura with fresh shrimp, turn out to be stunningly delicious.

  • Taste The taste is neutral, wheat
  • Colour Golden yellow. Ready-made: bright golden-orange color
  • What is used for Ideal for roasting rolls, shrimp, chicken and cooking dishes: pork-tonkatsu, nuggets. Ideal for dishes cooked in batter and deep-fried, the most famous Ebi Tempura of fresh shrimp
  • Appearance Allows you not only to make the dish delicious, but also to give it an attractive appearance
  • Traditional recipe Traditional Japanese Panko Breading
  • Composition Wheat flour, yeast, sugar, salt, sunflower oil, turmeric. They are made from special wheat bread with a high protein content
  • Economy Lush, voluminous, due to what - economical
  • Quality The production uses flour of the highest grade
  • Gives the dish special properties Dishes after roasting acquire a golden crispy crust. Products when deep-fried do not absorb excess oil. The product inside the breading retains juiciness and naturalness
  • Nuances of production The technology does NOT use crusts at all. Breadcrumbs are evenly fried, acquire a golden color when fried (in 50 seconds, provided 170 seconds of roasting)
  • Packaging 10 kg craft bag
  • What tastings, contests have you won Ready-made recipes and TTK brand chefs can find by registering in the Community of chefs Tamaki
  • Special Features Thanks to the manufacturability of production and the quality of packaging, practically NO crumb is formed! (zero waste) no waste production, the whole product is used without residues
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 12 months
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