Japanese Mayonnase "TAMAKI"
Japanese Mayonnase "TAMAKI"
Japanese mayonnaise is an integral part of Japanese cuisine. It is added in small quantities. Binds the ingredients together into a single whole.

This is the secret ingredient, a drop of which creates the very taste of "umami". And here it is important not to overdo the quantity.

There are interruptions in the market with the availability of Japanese mayonnaise, we decided to release and provide them to our Customers.

We have developed a special packaging, it is durable and convenient, but inexpensive, which is why you do not have to overpay for the product.

The packaging allows you to use mayonnaise to the last drop (99.9%), the cook squeezes it out without a trace.

С бургером
  • Taste Creamy, sour-salty with fishy notes. Thanks to a special recipe, mayonnaise has a special tart taste, which is revealed when combined with rice and seafood, binds products together
  • Colour Warm yellow
  • What is it used for? It is used for making rolls, medium and high category restaurants that are used to working on Japanese KENKO and QP mayonnaise
  • Consistency/fraction Thick, stable, holds its shape well, does not flow out of the roll when twisting. The density is achieved by a high fat content in the composition
  • Сategory The highest category, fat content - 67%
  • Appearance Homogeneous dense thick mayonnaise, ideal for making sushi and baking
  • Traditional recipe Traditional production technology according to the Japanese recipe
  • Composition Sunflower oil, vinegar, fish sauce, chicken yolk, rice vinegar, white pepper, mustard, sugar, lemon juice
  • Economy Thick, very rich, used in small quantities to create a unique taste
  • Quality Higher, premium product
  • Gives the dish special properties It gives the dishes a special taste, which cannot be achieved with the use of ordinary mayonnaise. Thanks to this mayonnaise, rolls and sushi will taste like in sushi bars in Tokyo
  • Naturalness Natural
  • Nuances of production The only mayonnaise produced in Russia created according to the original Japanese recipe with the addition of a special fermented rice vinegar. High-speed equipment mixes mayonnaise in such a way that it does not leak from the rolls
  • Packaging A unique packaging has been developed for mayonnaise, which allows the cook to independently determine the appropriate size of the dispenser. Soft packaging allows you to squeeze out the product to the last drop
  • What tastings, contests have you won? Most closed tastings
  • What is better than other well-known analogues? Much more interesting for the price than other Japanese mayonnaise
  • Special Features Tamaki mayonnaise has no analogues in Russia and can be compared in quality only with KENKO and QP mayonnaise
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Unit of measurement 0.5 kg
  • Expiration date 6 months at a temperature not higher than +25 ° C and relative humidity not higher than 80%
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