Unagi sauce Tamaki / Tamaki PRO
Unagi sauce Tamaki / Tamaki PRO

One of the main sauces of Japanese cuisine. Dark caramel color, very thick, with a delicate aftertaste. It is created according to a traditional recipe based on soy sauce of natural fermentation.

Due to its consistency, Unagi sauce Tamaki tightly envelops and saturates the product, giving the dish a spicy smoked note in combination with a sweet and salty taste.  

Add Unagi sauce Tamaki to chicken, fish, noodles, vegetables or grilled meat. You will get a rich, interesting taste and taste the classics of Japanese cuisine.

  • Taste Intense sweet-salty smoky taste with a pleasant delicate aftertaste
  • Colour Dark caramel color
  • Application Used to grease smoked eel dishes for a more appetizing look
  • Consistency Very thick sauce (worth a spoon). Does not run off the eel when smeared
  • Tradition Made according to a traditional Japanese recipe
  • Composition volume Water, sugar, soy sauce (water, soy, wheat, salt, wheat flour), thickener E1422, food coloring sugar color I simple, preservative potassium sorbate
  • Profitability Very economical sauce
  • Price The price is lower than analogs with excellent quality
  • Package Convenient dispenser with bottle. The sauce flows out smoothly
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 18 months
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