Teriyaki sauce Tamaki / Tamaki PRO
Teriyaki sauce Tamaki / Tamaki PRO

"Teri" - shine. "Yaki" is fried. This is how the name of one of the most popular sauces, Teriyaki, is translated from Japanese. We prepare the sauce according to traditional Japanese technology by slow heating to achieve the same sweet soy taste and thick consistency. And ginger and garlic in the composition give a slight edge.

Spicy, with a smoked note, the sauce is suitable for marinating, frying and cooking WOK. A small culinary fact — the well-known chicken teriyaki dish was invented by Americans. The Japanese most often serve the sauce to tuna.

Like all products of the line, the sauce has a completely composition and is stored in a convenient bottle with a handle.

С бургером
  • Taste Sweet-soy with ginger, garlic and chili aroma
  • Density Moderately dense
  • Exterior Dark brown, glossy
  • Tradition of recipe Unique secret recipe
  • Composition Water, sugar, soy sauce (water, soy, wheat, salt, wheat flour), thickener E1422, salt, alcohol vinegar, sugar color I simple, ginger ground, preservative potassium sorbate, dried garlic ground, red pepper ground
  • Profitability Saturated, economical
  • Quality Higher
  • What properties does a dish give Glossy brown gives the dish an appetizing crust, as well as a special Asian taste
  • Nuances of production Produced using slow evaporation technology, retains all flavor properties, does not taste bitter
  • Special Features Universal sauce, suitable for baking and frying, as well as for pickling
  • Сountry of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 18 months
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