Nori seaweed "Tamaki Hanasyo"
Nori seaweed "Tamaki Hanasyo"
Tamaki Hanasyo Nori seaweed is a premium product. Moderately thin, but not brittle. Trueprofessionals' choice. Tamaki Hanasyo seaweed is perfect for those who are looking for a superior and stable quality in every supply.
  • Taste Delicate uniform taste, inherent in algae, without foreign aftertaste
  • Colour Moderately thin, fragrant, crispy green leaves with a golden sheen
  • What is it used for? For making sushi
  • Consistency Crunchy but not brittle. The material is evenly distributed, there are no pronounced light and dark areas
  • Category High (category "B")
  • Appearance Smooth green color, without extraneous inclusions
  • Tradition of recipe, production Manufactured using traditional Japanese technology
  • Compound Nori seaweed 100%
  • Profitability 1 pack of 100 sheets is enough for 200 classic rolls
  • Quality Made only from the best raw materials in a single plant, stable quality for 10 years
  • What properties does a dish give The prepared roll does not fall apart, it is easy to chew
  • Pure product 100% natural product
  • Package Packing 100 sheets, Zip Lock, packing weight 300 grams
  • What tastings, competitions did you win? One of the best products on the market
  • What is better than other well-known analogues? Consistently high quality
  • The country of manufacture China
  • Unit of measurement Package
  • Number of units in a package 100 sheets
  • Shelf life 24 months
  • Net weight 0.28-0.3 kg.
  • Gross weight 0.32-0.34 kg.
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