"Tamaki pro" pickled ginger
"Tamaki pro" pickled ginger
Ginger is a delicacy that adds spice to dishes. It is simply irreplaceable in Japanese cuisine. White is the natural color of ginger. In Japan, white ginger is predominantly used, as it is believed to enhance the flavor of the dish. Now white ginger is becoming more and more fashionable with us. So many restaurants are switching completely to white ginger.
  • Taste Sour - sweet, spicy
  • Colour White is the natural color of ginger
  • What is it used for? Served with sushi, rolls
  • Consistency / fraction Finely chopped peeled ginger petals
  • Category Category A + B. Made from ginger root is medium in size
  • Tradition of recipe, production Manufactured using traditional Japanese technology
  • The composition of the product Ginger, water, vinegar, citric acid, sugar, salt
  • Profitability 1 package contains 1 kg. chopped ginger after draining the brine
  • Quality / grade High quality. The production does NOT use old raw materials, which stand out with large petals and white veins on them.
  • Package Packaged in plastic bags of 1 kg .. (gross weight - 1.5 kg, since each bag contains 500 g of brine), 10 bags in a box
  • Price This ginger is quite a bit larger, but the cost is noticeably cheaper than that of analogues.
  • Why is the product better than other well-known analogues? The net weight of the product is 1 kg., Many competitors write 1 kg., But in fact - 800-900 gr.
  • The country of manufacture China
  • unit of measurement Package
  • Number of units in a package 10 pieces
  • Shelf life 18 months / 24 months
  • Net weight 1 kg.
  • Gross weight 1.42 kg.
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