Noodle glass Tamaki
Noodle glass Tamaki

This noodle is called "glass" because after cooking it remains transparent. Noodles are served hot and cold.

It goes well with meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms and vegetables.

It is added to salads, spring rolls, soups and second courses. And after an hour, the noodles will remain in the dish unchanged.

Any sauce will make its taste unique.

The dense texture of the noodles, whole threads, convenient packaging-cooks will definitely like it.

  • Taste Neutral taste, absorbs all sauces and spices well
  • Colour White transparent ("glass", as if crystal)
  • What is used for Both hot dishes and cold snacks are prepared from starch noodles. It is added to soups, used as a side dish. Glass noodles are used to make woks, funchosa in Vietnamese, Korean salads, funchosa with beef and mushrooms, spring rolls
  • Appearance Noodles are harmoniously combined with pieces of meat, fish, egg, mushrooms, fresh, stewed and fried vegetables, acquiring their color and shine. Without ingredients, funchosa is a thin white-transparent thread
  • Traditional recipe Made according to traditional technology
  • Composition Bean starch, potato starch, corn starch, water
  • Economy 50 g of dry product absorbs 100-150ml of water. The output is 150 - 200g of the finished product
  • Quality Funchosa is elastic, durable, does not crumble in the finished form. Does not turn into porridge, does not stick together, does not boil
  • Naturalness 100% natural
  • Nuances of production A complex high-tech production that requires special knowledge on working with starches, steam and drying chambers
  • Packaging Durable transparent packaging, with a convenient notch for opening
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Expiration date 24 months
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