Sauce Mirin Tamaki
Sauce Mirin Tamaki

It stands out for its originality among seasonings. It has no analogues.

It is part of almost all Japanese dishes.

The sweet taste of the Marin very subtly and harmoniously complements their taste, perfectly combined with fish and seafood dishes.

It gives the meat a juicier and softer structure.

  • Taste Saturated sweet
  • Colour Bright yellow
  • What is it used for It is widely used in Japanese cuisine. On its basis, a lot of popular sauces are prepared, including Teriyaki sauce. Added to Japanese salads, marinades. An indispensable ingredient for rice dishes, noodles, miso soup, broths
  • Density Dense, slightly stringy
  • Tradition A real traditional product
  • Components Syrup "High-fructose", water, rice vinegar, dye sugar color I simple, preservative potassium sorbate
  • Economy Economical due to its high sugar content, its richness, density
  • What properties does it give to dishes Gives dishes an exquisite sweetness and aroma; sauces and glazes - gloss. Eliminates the specific smell of fish and other seafood, makes the meat tender
  • Naturalness Obtained by natural fermentation
  • Package Convenient bottle 1.8l with handle
  • Special properties It goes well with seafood, seaweed, fish, meat. It harmonizes with almost all products of Japanese cuisine, emphasizes their flavor combinations
  • Country of origin Russia
  • Shelf life 12 months
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