Soy sauce Tamaki
Soy sauce Tamaki

It has a rich soy flavor and aroma. The winner of several blind tastings that werewon by a wide margin.

All-natural sauce of a dark brown color, produced according to the traditional Japanese technology. That is why this sauce is so tasty, high-quality and healthy. It is rich in various amino acids and antioxidants.

  • Taste Natural, soy
  • Colour Dark brown
  • Consistency is not too thick. It has a rich taste and aroma of real Japanese soy sauce
  • Category Highest category. The winner of several blind tastings, which he won by a large margin from the rest
  • Compound Water, soy, wheat, salt, sugar
  • Profitability Saturated, economical
  • Quality Made according to the technology of natural fermentation
  • What properties does a dish give Gives any food an Asian flavor
  • Naturalness Completely natural
  • Content of a valuable component The product is rich in protein and amino acids, it is a substitute for salt in dishes
  • Nuances of production It is made according to ancient Japanese technology, fermented in barrels for 9 months
  • Advantages A mild salty taste is better than any analogues, since they usually use a cheap concentrate as a basis
  • The country of manufacture Russia
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